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President Donald Trump has blamed a 'very sick or individual' for a series of bombings in Austin, Texas. A package sent to an address near Austin exploded and exploded in Schertz, which is about 30 miles north of Austin and about 20 miles south of San Antonio.

Sunset Valley, which is surrounded by Austin on all sides, said the package bomb, which was made at a Schertz facility, exploded near a Sunset Valley store. Hansen said the intended target of the package bomb was not Austin residents, but anyone living in the city of Austin or near the nearby city of San Antonio, both of whom are in the area.

Schertz is a great place to live and start a family because there's everything to do in the area, and perhaps that's why NerdWallet ranks Schertz as one of the top 10 cities in Texas with the highest median household income. With a growing workforce and proximity to Austin and San Antonio, nerdwallet ranked second only to Austin in quality of life.

The state of Texas has a cost-of-living index of 91.3, with a score of 100 considered less expensive than the national average. Forty-two percent of Texas residents regularly attend at least one public school, the highest rate in the country.

Schertz students are usually pardoned, but the entire state of Texas is covered by a district of more than 1.5 million people, or about one-third of the state's population. Schools serving this part of the school include the surrounding schools, such as Scherzinger High School and Ridge Elementary School, as well as the high schools of the University of North Texas and Texas Tech University.

I want to share some impressions and stories that illustrate the culture of the school, so I suggest you visit our guide to charter schools, download the San Antonio Charter Schools app and join us on Facebook. If you are looking for a deeper insight into the history and culture of the Founders Classical Academy in Schertz, you should definitely take a look at our 2019 tour. Families who appreciate classical education and the emphasis on civic and American history will also appreciate our range of fine arts, sports and extracurricular courses.

Schertz is located in Comal, Bexar and Guadalupe counties and borders the cities of San Antonio and San Marcos. Schertz has the potential to grow rapidly as it combines two of the largest cities in the state of Texas with a population of more than 1,000. Founders Classical Academy in Scherztz serves K-11 students with an evolving campus northeast of San Antonio in 8453. The district serves a diverse range of students from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as high school and college students.

With a population of just over 32,000, the city is a diverse mix of art, culture, music, crafts, business, education and tourism.

The area offers plenty of entertainment, and annual events include the Texas State Fair, Texas Music Festival and Austin City Limits Festival. While residents of Texas enjoy mostly pleasant conditions, it is important to be aware of the bad weather that can include tornadoes, hurricanes and floods in Texas, as well as the possibility of flooding.

No arrests have been made in the five bombings that have rocked the Austin area since March 2, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the packages were sent from Austin and addressed to homes in Austin. Police said Tuesday they had responded to 1,257 calls since the package exploded on March 4, killing a 17-year-old and injuring two others. Earlier, he told the Associated Press news agency there was "no suspicion" of another package, but he did not confirm whether it was two, and said it had been sent to Austin but was being investigated.

Authorities said there was no evidence that the bombs were directed at homes in Austin that were sent to the Texas capital. Trump's comments came just hours after two surveillance cameras captured video of the family home.

Polish culture and tradition has been preserved and promoted for over 50 years. The group has performed at more than 1,000 events in the United States and abroad, including concerts in New York, London, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. One of the group's founding members, Rabbi Zbigniew Kowalski, is the founder and president of the Polish American Society of Texas, a nonprofit organization based in Austin.

The Witte Museum houses Texas artifacts, the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum has a remarkable collection of modern French paintings, and the San Antonio Museum of Art has collections of Latin American art. The Museo Alameda, affiliated to the Smithsonian Institution, is dedicated to Latin American culture. Founded in 1978, it preserves the cultural heritage of the Mexican-American community in Texas, as well as the history and culture of Mexico.

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More About Schertz